Taurus 3 Blade Kit Speed w/Belt

Taurus 3  Blade Kit Speed w/Belt

Taurus 3  Blade Kit Speed w/Belt

Speed Blade sometimes known as the inverted Mega blade we turned a mega inside out and made it thinner. The result is a tear dropped shaped blade that is almost unbreakable with the round part on the inside and the point on the outside. Its thinner profile makes it our fastest most aggressive blade yet. When pushing forward into this blade it glides through the thickest toughest materials with ease. It comes with a "Flocked belt" only as this is the only belt that can handle its aggressive nature. Its action is omni-directional in stained glass or soft wall tile and forward and backward for thicker or harder materials. When pushing or pulling the material through with this blade it has a thinner kerf than a Standard, Mega, or Slim blade.

(1) Speed Blade
(2) Orange nylon roller without the bearing
(1) Taurus 3 Flocked belt

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$319.00 GST inc.
$319.00 GST inc.